Of Grunts and Spartans

There is a turret to either side, Grunts, and a Ghost.  I’m low on health, and all the other soldiers have died.  I’m hiding in the corner of an old building, running out and shooting, then returning to my hiding spot.  I don’t stand much of a chance as things are.  If I just run out there, the turrets will take me out faster than I can yell, “Covenant scum!”, but I can’t stay in here.  I have a Needler, and I shoot it at the Ghost outside.  It takes out the pilot, leaving the Ghost just sitting there, unmanned and undamaged.  There’s a health pack lying on the balcony in front of me….

            So I run out, grab the health pack, and jump over the rail into the water.  The turrets are shooting.  The Grunts are, too.  But, I run to the Ghost, get in, and shoot back.  I take out the nearby Grunts and the turret to my right.  But, I’m taking damage, and I speed off into the water and hide behind the structure there while my shield recharges.  Several more times, I sneak out and shoot, then hide again.  Finally, the remaining turret is done for, and I finish off the sniper Jackal behind it.

            That is just one of my adventures in “Halo: Reach”, the newest Halo game, which takes place before the Halo trilogy.  (By the way, if you didn’t know, a Ghost is a Covenant vehicle.  The Covenant are the aliens.)  It’s a great game.  You can customize your armor, and you can choose either a female or male Spartan to play as.  You can’t dual-wield, though, and the buttons are changed a little, I think.  This led to some confusion as I kept trying to smack aliens and succeeded only in switching between grenade types.  Also, the aliens no longer say much, the Grunts especially.  They used to squeal all kinds of silly things in their high voices, but they don’t anymore.  Maybe they wanted to make the game even more serious.

            Besides that, though….  I beat the game in 15 days, and at first, I was missing playing as Master Chief, but soon, I forgot all about that.  This game is awesome.  Really awesome.  And the ending…  I’ll certainly be looking at the Halo trilogy differently from now on.

Duck Spartan-77


2 thoughts on “Of Grunts and Spartans

  1. When I got to end of first two paragraphs I thought you were describing President Obama as he’s tries to govern. “Cannon to the left, and cannon to the right. On rode the six hundred.”


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