Filling in the Plot Holes

I was walking along one day.  It was a nice day, until I fell.  Fell into a gaping, dreadful plot hole.  I climbed my way out, brushed off the dirt, took a step, and fell into another.  The place where I was walking…was my comic script.  It really is an unsafe place.  No amount of hard hats and knee pads and band-aids are going to keep me safe there, especially if I keep on at this pace.  So I decided, a bit of maintenance is needed.

            And the best way to fix a plot hole is to fill it in.  I can’t just cover it up.  Someone might fall through again.  No, that simply wouldn’t do.  But, plot holes must be filled in with a very special kind of dirt.  And not even that yummy dessert that looks like dirt and has gummy worms in it.  It has to be even more special than that!

          So I got out my super special notebook and started writing about the past of each main character.  I know where they are now, but I don’t know why or how they got there.  I also wrote some general history and wrote more about June’s powers.  I was able to come up with some interesting ideas and answered some sharp and dangerous questions that would surely give me tetanus if I ever fell on them again.

            It took several days of toil, but I have made myself a safe place to work again.  I feel much better about my story, and I have all kinds of scenes for the ending swirling about in my head.

            I want it to be epic.  I want it to be suspenseful.  I want to make people cry.

A Duck with a Shovel

4 thoughts on “Filling in the Plot Holes

  1. One thing we remind those in drug and alcohol abuse recovery is that it is not external things that put addicts in their condition but that they have dug the holes into which they fell, themselves with their own shovel. One path to recovery reminds to put the shovel down, So I related and was reminded by your pot hole theme today, but thought you’d appreciate how the metaphor is applied in other ways.


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