Christmas Limericks

I felt like doing something special for Christmas (it is Jesus’s 2010th birthday or so, after all), so I wrote some silly limericks.  Limericks are so fun!  Here they are!  I numbered them so it’s easier to tell them apart.

1.) There once was a fat man named Claus

Who ate whatever he saw.

He ate all of our treats,

All our crackers and beets,

And even the roast that was raw.

2.) I made a snowman one day

Whose scarf was merry and gay.

So I hugged him real tight,

With all of my might,

Which made him melt right away.

3.) There once was a reindeer named Bob

Who had a very hard job.

He got nothing done

‘Cuz he didn’t have thumbs,

So it made him seem like a slob.

4.) My tree was glowing with cheer

With my cat standing quite near.

Then, she pulled it right down

And drug it around

With needles all left there and here.

          And I just couldn’t finish this last one, but I liked how it began, so can anyone think of a proper ending?

5.) I gave my parents a gift

That was heavier than what they could lift.

           Anyway, Gleeful Christmas!

 Old Saint Duck


8 thoughts on “Christmas Limericks

  1. An ending for 5.

    When They Came Down The Chimney,
    It Got Rather Flimsy,
    Unravelled And Came Adrift.

    (These lines didn’t take long. Trev).


  2. I gave my parents a gift
    which was heavier than what they could lift
    We hired a tractor
    and quite soon thereafter
    (with thrift as no factor)
    the ponderous present did shift. 🙂


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