An Existential Quandary

I’ve been bothered by something lately.  Call it philosophical, call it crazy; I don’t know myself.  But, I’ll just go out and say it.  Does the stuff we see on a computer, TV screen, etc. exist?  Is there really words here, or is it just an illusion the computer created?  I know it’s really 1’s and 0’s, instances and absences of electricity, all in a sequence to look like whatever we see.  But does that mean they are no more real than a hallucination?  With a few simple movements, I can erase something, and there is no hint that it ever existed, if indeed, it even exists now.

          I can look at a DVD, and it can seemingly contain a movie, but does it really?  Does it really contain anything meaningful?  I will never see anything in there.  I can look as close as I want, and all I’ll see are pits and smooth spaces.  Never can I look inside the DVD and see the movie or into the computer and see what I wrote or drew!  The only way to make something real is to print it.  Then, it certainly does exist.  I am confused.

A Philosophical Duck


3 thoughts on “An Existential Quandary

  1. Does the universe still exist when I am dead? Did it exist before I was born. Yes, we ask ” Is my presence here an illusion? If you live your life never being the source of someone’s misfortune or unhappiness, and never ignored an opportunity to do a charitable act, then you were here, you mattered and you were appreciated. And you had worth.


  2. Whoa, Philosophical Duck, Indeed! i think what exists is how these things imprint themselves on us, what we remember, what we take to heart, what makes us think and learn, otherwise these digital images/words are as fleeting as the spoken word and we take from them and store that which is useful to us.


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