Old Memories in the Comic Section

First of all, I finally got my first subscriber, and since I couldn’t find their blog, I thought I’d thank them here.  Thank you, first subscriber!  I really appreciate it!

            Anyway, I was looking at comics in the book store one day (golly, gee, where else would I look?).  It’s hard to choose what I want, though.  A lot of things I’ve never heard of, and I don’t have any superhero comics, so I don’t even know which of those I’d like.  But, then I was distracted by something.  What a surprise!  They had this huge volume of “Bone” comics.  I used to love those!  I have several of these old kid magazines, and sometimes, they had small parts of the “Bone” comics in them.  They were my absolute favorite at the time, and I had completely forgotten about them!  But, the book was kind of expensive and just enormous and overwhelming looking, and usually when I buy a book, I force myself to finish it whether I want to or not, so I didn’t get it.  Too much of a commitment.

            Aside from that, I also saw something containing art for “Vampire Hunter D”.  In “Invader ZiM”, Gaz would play a game called “Vampire Piggy Hunter”, and I thought the main character looked cool.  I found out the character was supposed to be similar to, you guessed it, Vampire Hunter D.  So this brought back memories once again, and I went in search of the actual manga for it (isn’t there an anime, too?).  I found it, and the covers look just awesome, but what worries me is that vampire stuff can sometimes be…bad.  Has anyone watched or read the series or whatever and knows if there’s any, you know, evil stuff in it?  Like devil-y?  I’m Christian, and I just know that’s a no-no.  It looks so darn cool, but my soul is pretty darn important.

            And yet, maybe I’m not in the mood for a series right now anyway.  Once you start one, you’re pretty much locked in.  I like those graphic novels that have the whole series in one issue, and it’s not really thick.  I’m impatient.  And yet, I’m almost 100 hours into Final Fantasy XIII…

Vampire Hunter Duck


11 thoughts on “Old Memories in the Comic Section

  1. I liked Prince Valiant but it was only in the Sunday edition. The artwork was great. But in those dozen frames just a few minutes of action took place so it would take 900 years (our time) to read the whole story. Do they do that to hook you? Well he did not hook me and I stopped reading it 50 years ago.


    1. That would get annoying. I don’t have the patience to read only tiny bits of a story at a time. It seems better to only do that at first to see if it gets interest, then if it does, do more with it. That’s what I may do with my comic and/or novels…


      1. I don’t know. Hmm, below the comments, I see a check box for subscribing by email to the site. Also, when I’m logged in, on the bar at the top that has My Account, My Blog, etc., there’s a subscribe button. I don’t know if that helps at all.
        Thanks for liking my post, by the way.


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