A Clone Wars Challenge

Does anyone here have the original Star Wars: CloneWars DVD’s?  The cartoon version, not the computer-animated one.  I used to not want to watch it, with it being a Star Wars cartoon and all (I dunno, some things are fine as cartoons, but Star Wars?), but I tried it once, and it wasn’t bad.  So I decided to buy it, but it turned out that it was not being sold in stores anymore.  Why, oh why would such a thing be so hard to find?!  I looked everywhere!  Oh, woe was me!  So I finally attempted to buy it from Amazon.com.

            I say “attempted”, because at first, even that was impossible.  It was there all right, but I would get ready to buy it, put it in the cart, and it would be sold before I could finish.  It took several tries before I finally got both volumes.  I think one was new and one was used, but in good condition.

            And it was totally worth it!  It may be a cartoon, but it’s not silly.  It’s really very good.  And if anyone thought General Grievous was a wuss in the movie (he’s my favorite character, and yet I thought so, too), you will be surprised by the cartoon.  He kicked butt!  It was…super…awesome.  Like, yeah.  The whole thing’s nifty neato, but Grievous was the best.

A Grievous Duck


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