The Quest for a Pen

A while ago, during a very dark era (as I had not yet met my loyal companion, the tablet), I searched for the perfect inking pen.  I drew my art by pencil, and sometimes, before scanning it, I wanted to try inking it.  Even longer ago, I had tried to ink my mongoose comics with a very thin sharpie, and it bled like my nose on a dry winter day, so all this time, I had still not found the ideal inking pen.

            And so I began my search, with nothing by my side but a mechanical pencil and a retractable eraser.  I heard tell of a pen called Sakura, and it sounded like just the thing.  But, where would I find this miraculous inking maiden?  I looked high and low.  I heard she was at one place or another, but by the time I got there, alas, no!  She was not to be found!

            And then, when I was considering finding a new companion, there she was, in all her beauty.  Sakura, or more specifically, Pigma Sensei.  Yes, this is she!  Four pens of different sizes, a mechanical pencil, and a wondrous eraser, capable of erasing the curses of so many rogue pencil marks and the most diabolical of smudges.

            Oh, yes, we had such times together!  She inked comic strips, “Battle of the Planets”, a Star Wars picture in the style of the original Clone Wars cartoons.  But, it didn’t last because better things came.  My dear tablet, who has stuck by me through pictures good and bad.  I am sorry, Sakura.  I still love you.  Perhaps someday I will need your services again.

Duck of Indeed Sensei


4 thoughts on “The Quest for a Pen

  1. I’ve checked out these tablet things a little but I find I must pencil draw, erase, and modify then trace over with line pen for finished uncolored product. So I can’t imagine drawing a finished product as first sketch. My ego feeding friends suggest that my “a bit less than professional” look has an appealing charm of it’s own. Naaaaawwww. I could easier believe Angelina Jolie, JoLo and Halle Berry are in love with me.


    1. That method works just as well. And someone needs to do it. That type of art is, well, a dying art. There’s something hand-drawn pictures have that art on the computer can lack. Like, I usually like when people leave some of the lines from the original sketch in the finished thing. And yet I don’t do that. Hmm.


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