My Little Comic Collection

I don’t have a whole bunch of comics.  I’d like to, you know, be the kind of person with just boxes and boxes of the things.  But, since they’re not free…  I’d like to think I have a nice variety of comics, though I, surprisingly, have no super hero ones.  I have Halo, Daniel X, In the Small, Calvin and Hobbes, Star Wars stuff, Johnen Vasquez stuff, some stuff Mike Garcia gave me.  I used to have a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes, but I stupidly got rid of a bunch.  I miss them.

            Anyway, I love looking at different styles of art in comics.  It’s delightful seeing all kinds of different ways of drawing things.  That’s why I never got those books on how to draw characters like in DC comics or Marvel because I want to have my own style.  Maybe it’s not as good as others, but whatever.  (And maybe someday I’ll be good.)

            I also like having such a variety of comics because it gives me ideas for my own future comics.  There are different ways of drawing things, of arranging the panels, of showing flashbacks, and all kinds of other things.  It’s like I’m studying, but it doesn’t feel like it, because it’s not boring.

            Recently, I read Halo: Uprising and Daniel X: Alien Hunter, and they had such different styles.  The Halo one has the kind of style a lot of comics have, while the other had a much different one.  I really liked the colors in that one.  It was more colorful and less…precise, I guess, if that makes any sense.  You know, less perfect, but in a good way.  The lines also weren’t super noticeable, which is a thing I’ve never been able to pull off.  Perhaps someday.  Or, maybe my comics will have line art more like the Halo one, with coloring more like Daniel X.  Like I said, I want to do my own thing.  I don’t want to copy anyone.

 Comic-Collector Wannabe Duck


4 thoughts on “My Little Comic Collection

  1. I like the line art and study the technique of others . Learning to be more realistic but simple is that I study the way they make expressions on a character’s face to fit the mood and to draw simple hands grasping things or gesturing as part of body language. I have a file of several dozen from the New Yorker(sadly they are only that worth a hoot in present mag) from last 30 years. If they can make me laugh out loud, they are really good.


  2. You know you’re on the right path when studying something is fun and fills you with ideas. I like how you sign your posts with related “something-something Duck”. Cute.


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