Some Background Info

Not too long ago, I said I was going to practice backgrounds more, and I did.  A tiny bit.  As in just a couple of quick ones.  And that’s all.  I’m naughty.  They weren’t very good, so I didn’t keep them, but I can at least tell you guys about my efforts.

            The first one I had high expectations for.  I wanted to draw a jungle with cliffs and waterfalls and lots of plants.  It looked awesome in my head, and it started out okay.  I colored the sky, added some big, puffy clouds.  Then, there was a bunch of green on the far cliff and I even colored a decent waterfall falling far down where you couldn’t see the bottom, with misty-ness coming up.  But, I just couldn’t get the color right for the cliff side.  I tried browns, grays, added some plants, but none of it looked right.

            By then, I was disappointed and did some quick trees, green, and a river in the foreground going off another cliff.  It was all pretty meh.  I did draw a few red and yellow birds that were pretty, though.  One was on a branch, and two were flying away.  No doubt trying to fly out of that dreadful picture.

            My later pictures were even quicker.  Some towns from my novel, a room from the comic.  I’m already bad at backgrounds, but I’m even worse at buildings and rooms, so they didn’t turn out great.  I’ve never been creative with buildings.  Gar!  I must get better; I don’t want my comic filled with square buildings with triangle roofs!  That simply wouldn’t do.  Likewise, the room I drew didn’t look great, either.  I also keep forgetting that walls can have color.  I always make them white or off-white.  It’s silly.

            Anyway, my next picture is going to have a simple background, but since it’s just nature, I think it will turn out better.  You guys will see it in the near future….

Not a Background Duck


2 thoughts on “Some Background Info

  1. Waterfall cliff background dark gray-black. Contrasts well with form and water spray. If master the water and spray (90% white and sometimes thin white so its translucent with background show-through almost like a glaze)I think the eye will focus on that not cliff color or rock detail. Matter of fact eye will focus on water fall as focal point of entire picture so every thing else can blend without much detail except around lower perimeters up close. Best study National Geographic photos Afr/SoAm waterfalls equator latitudes. I guess you know this but that’s how I would do it. I have lost skill at painting water, sky, scenery so do some poster art, but can still wood carve chess pieces. Light soft pastels great for walls and similar occurs. Eye will focus on wall ornamentation and furniture so wall should be bland neutral color except if deco style room. So eye won’t even notice wall color. So if my backgrounds are so-so doesn’t matter if picture has good eye draw to picture focal point which does not have to be centered by the way. You don’t want background color to detract from painting subject and attention command of viewer. Unless sunset or forest with no subject focal point.Viewer’s eye does not need to be roaming unless it is a Diego Rivera or detailed Sistine Chapel or ceiling US Capitol dome.


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