Is it uncanny in here or is it just them?

            I know it’s even more off-topic than usual, but there is something I saw recently that disturbs me.  Down to my soul.  People call it “Uncanny Valley”, but it’s not a place.  Ever seen computer-animated humans that almost look real?  Kind of like in “Polar Express” and definitely in “Beowulf”.  It’s creepy, right?  The more realistic, the more creepy.  But, that’s not all.

            What I saw were not only pictures of these fake humans, but videos of robots that look almost exactly like humans and move and talk pretty much like they’re real.  I don’t know exactly what makes it so creepy, but…it just is.  It’s truly chilling.  Now if they had realistic duck robots….

The Duck is Scared

1 thought on “Uncanny

  1. Dear Duckster: Nothing new here. I am sure you’ve encountered “plastic” people as I have all the time. Others have a butt made of lead, an ego made of brass, some a will of iron and far too many with brains of sawdust! My three grandchildren are the “gems” of my life.


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