Of Nibs and Tablets

I had wanted a drawing tablet for a while, so it was awesome when I finally got one.  A silver, medium-sized tablet (made by Wacom, I think.).  I didn’t want too big or too small.  Medium’s just right.  It took a while to get used to, but now, it’s as easy as using a pencil.  And I figured out whether or not the airbrush setting should be on.  It really makes a difference.  I panicked with it until I changed the setting and was able to actually change brush sizes.  Relief.

            Anyway, as I often do, before the tablet, I had such inefficient ways of doing things.  I scanned things on, erased around the lines to get rid of all the smudges and eraser marks.  One day after getting the tablet, I learned how to clean it up with a click or two of the mouse.  So many hours needlessly wasted.  One of my greatest fails as a human being.

            But, all that doesn’t matter now that I have my precious tablet.  I stupidly got a left hand desk, but I’ve gotten good at using the mouse with my left hand when I’m not using the tablet, then when I want to draw something, I put the tablet on my lap, grab the pen, and draw away.  I win, wrong desk!

          Anybody who does computer art would benefit greatly from a tablet.  I sound like an advertisement here.  “Buy Wacom tablets!  You won’t regret it!”  I should write a jingle for it.  What rhymes with Wacom? Or tablet?  Hey, you know what could be a word for a baby crab?  Crablet.  “Buy a tablet, my little crablet!”  That’s just weird.

          By the way, how do you say Wacom?  Wah-cum.  Wah-comb.  I don’t know.

An Indeed Useful Tablet, Says the Duck


3 thoughts on “Of Nibs and Tablets

  1. I use a mere pen and colored pencils and I suppose my cartoons are fairly primitive looking so I try to make the accompanying gag “chuckle arousing” enough to get the” I like it” response. Perhaps the handmade appearance gives them some character in this world of technological perfection. And perhaps I’m just deluding myself.


    1. I like handmade and computer-drawn art both equally, but with so much digital art, it’s nice to see something done by hand again. I know what you mean about the “gag” thing. I try to add something like that if I’m not sure about a picture. Then, even if I don’t think it looks great, they’ll think I meant it to be like that. Yeah, sure…


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