Star Wars Inspiration

I have wanted to become an artist for several years, but I was thinking of something that made me even more determined to become good at art.  Two things, really.  Maybe more, I don’t know.  Anyway, a while ago, I got the comic “Star Wars: Visionaries”, which actually has several little comics from concept artists that worked on, well, Star Wars.  It was really fun to look at all those different styles.  Some I liked more than others, but they were all unique and awesome.  It’s one of my favorite comics.  Maybe my favorite.

            Then, one day I heard about “The Art of Star Wars: Episode III”, and needless to say, I needed it.  It was actually pretty rare, I think, but I managed to find it, and it has so much amazing art.  Many, many pages of it, both with ideas they used and ones they didn’t.  I want so very much to be that good someday.  Even half that good.  I have far to go.  And I really need to work on backgrounds.  I’ll never be good at them if I rarely practice them.  I am so naughty.

            So if anyone likes Star Wars and art, check out those books if you can.  Good stuff.  I also have “Star Wars: Panel to Panel” Volumes 1 and 2, which has good artwork from different Star Wars comics.  Not quite as awesome as the previous two books I mentioned, but still good.

Darth Duck


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