When Effort Doesn’t Pay

There is something I found out that will make me seem lazy.  Every once in a while, I try to write a new poem, and it seems that the less effort a poem takes, the better it turns out.  My three completed poems are my best and were the easiest.  I just wrote them down one day, just like that.  There were a few stanzas or lines I didn’t like, so I’d go one line at a time fixing it up until I liked it all.  But, the main thing was there.

            Some other poems are very hard to write, and they take so much effort but don’t actually end up turning out good.  So I realized, this is a situation where giving up is the better option.  When a poem is too hard to write, I’ve learned to just give up.  The rhymes and everything must be just right, or it won’t be good, so if you don’t get a good start, you may as well quit.  But, once a poem starts off well, I can just keep going and finish the main thing in one sitting (not including fixing the mistakes).  I may try to write those bad poems again sometime, but pretty much, that is how things seem to be for me.  Does anyone else have this same situation when writing poetry?

The Lazy Duck Poet


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