The Time Draws Nigh

It is almost time to start submitting my poems to publishers.  I’ve fixed the format, did a little research.  Now I just need to decide who I’m sending it to, type up whatever I need, then, get sending.  I am sending them to magazines, mainly Literary Magazines (as they’re listed in the Writer’s Market).  They’re kind of the medium magazines, between the well-known ones like Ellery Queen and the small circulation ones.

            I’m sending my favorite poem, “The Nameless Grave”, the silly “Laments of a Spider”, and the free form prose poem, “To Catch a Comet”, inspired by a picture I did with the same name.  Maybe I’ll show it to you sometime.

            I have several literary magazines picked out so far and am finishing up the cover letters for them.  So far, I can only send to three of the five I’ve looked at because the other two don’t take stuff this time of year.  I’ll find more to send to soon, too.  I’m just taking it a couple publishers at a time.

            So we shall see if my hard work has paid off.  Wish me luck.

 The Unpublished Duck


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