My Favorite Notebook

I have this awesome notebook.  No, it doesn’t have magical powers.  It can’t fly, talk, or do the dishes.  It’s not even those ones with the multiplication tables inside the cover or the folders.  But, it s awesome, nonetheless.  Because it’s an Invader ZiM notebook.  It’s little and actually more like those little composition books rather than a normal notebook.  I never understood those, like when in school, the teacher wanted a composition book specifically.  Isn’t that pretty much the same as a notebook?  Why did it matter?  I still don’t know.  Composition books are annoying, all stiff at first, and you can barely open them.  Then, when you do, that thing on the spine starts to peel off.  (And teachers always got binders, folders, ad notebooks mixed up.  I never knew what they really wanted.)

            Anyway, my notebook is awesome and has Gir riding a pig on the cover and Zim on the back.  Zim’s just standing there, but who cares?  It’s Zim!  I got it over 5 years ago at a Hot Topic.  Those places were awesome, but they’re just so noisy, I can’t go in anymore.  And it’s probably silly, but I saved that Gir notebook for all these years for something special.  I couldn’t soil its pages with the usual drivel.  And then, not long ago, I started thinking of ideas for my comic and decided a comic script was quite worthy contents.  And so I’m writing my comic in my awesome Gir notebook now.  I’m glad I saved it.  When I fill it up, I’ll be sad, though.  The script will have to continue on into an uncool notebook, if it gets that long!  Oh, woe!  Why can’t more places sell awesome notebooks!  Why!

 The Duck that Likes Awesome Notebooks


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