My Inferiority to Final Fantasy

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII for a couple of weeks now.  There were some seriously annoying enemies lately.  Stupid things!  Why must they be so hard!  One took so long for me to beat that when I finally prevailed, I was so happy that I did a jig of joy afterwards.  Though, I jigged so hard, I hurt my ankle.  It’s better now, though.

            And you know what else is annoying? The fact that every time I play a game like Final Fantasy, I am mocked by the fact that their character and enemy and well…everything designs are so much more awesome than what I can do.  I can’t compete with them.  I need to be more creative and add more details to things, methinks.  Gah, those games just have some of the coolest stuff!

          This also reminds me of how another thing I used to practice drawing were those creatures from Final Fantasy X.  Aeons, or something?  I forgot.  Some, I copied pretty decently, but some were terrible.  Like the horse one.  So many details!  Wah!  Jak and Daxter and characters are easier!  I usually don’t have the patience or skill to add a whole bunch of repeating patterns and other details.  They are usually boring and sometimes turn into a mess.  That’s why I hate drawing plants.  All those leaves!

 The Occasionally RPG Duck


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