I was remembering recently this art class I took years ago, when I was just a little duckling (there were older kids, too).  I remember part of the class copying a picture of a wolf that I was looking at, and at the time I thought it was quite masterful.  I don’t have it anymore, but I’m sure it wasn’t.  I also remember us drawing these silly chubby dragons one day.  Silly ones, mind you, not cool ones.  To this day, I still can’t draw cool dragons.  Bah!

            And I had this one disappointing memory where each person in the class would draw a scribble, and we would make it into a drawing.  I was picked last, as usual, and they thought my scribble looked like a word written in cursive.  How disappointed I was.  Here I was thinking I would get up and draw the most awesome scribble ever seen by man and was anticipating what kind of thing they would make it into, and alas!  It looked like a word!  How did they even manage to turn a scribble into a word?  Though, perhaps it’s not that weird because I got this bizarre squiggle on my sunglasses that won’t come off that looks like a cursive RA.

            Anyway, speaking of scribbles, I still enjoy finding pictures in weird things.  A marking on the wall, a squiggle on tile.  In one place, there was a dent in the wall that looked almost exactly like a Kingdom Hearts keyblade.  And a wet area on my shower curtain looked just like Falco from Star Fox standing there with his arms crosses.  (What do you mean, I play too many video games?)  Though, I guess those weren’t really creative at all.  But, I’ve seen dragons and other creatures in other random shapes.  I should try and draw them sometimes.  When I was very young, I saw an eagle face in the bark of a tree (I think it may have fallen off eventually, and I was disappointed) and a face in the fold of a curtain.  …I’m starting to think I’m insane.

 The Duck of Demented?


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