What I wanted to do

I used to want to be a doctor (or considering my duckiness, a quack, wahahaha!  I’m sorry, that’s not funny, is it?).  I was always interested in medical stuff and it would be good to cure people of all manner of diseases and ailments.  But, whether or not I could’ve endured all the hard work and training, it matters not because I started thinking about all that work they must get through even before becoming a doctor, and I got rather scared.  I have nothing against hard work, it’s just that I have no desire to stay up to the wee hours of the morning as an intern or whatever.  Plus, all those sick people!  Oh, the diseases!  The needles!  The bodily fluids!  The infinitesimal germs, everywhere, waiting to burrow themselves into my flesh and wreak all kinds of funky havoc!  Nay, I say, not for me.

            So I started to dread the impending work that would drag on for days on end, plus the fact that I am not a science or math whiz, so I really was looking for an excuse to do art instead.  I wanted something that would challenge me creatively.  I wanted to create things like the awesomeness that fills my favorite games and movies!  I wanted to be a part of all that, not sitting in a hospital or a doctor’s office all my life.  I finally gave up on the doctor idea and decided; I want to be an artist!  Being unhappy with my former idea was excuse enough to give it up, no?

            So I am much happier with my new venture.  If I get to do a hobby for a living, I’ll be one of the happiest critters around.  By the way, my novel’s up to about 65 thousand words now.  And I have finished drawing the first comic character.  A couple more and I will show the world!  Well done, me!

Dr. Duck No More


2 thoughts on “What I wanted to do

  1. I believe this is a wise decision. Writing and art will be ever so much more fun. Your last sentence in the first paragraph is great. Sounds like a line from a good book.

    Love, Gail Morgan


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