Evolution of an Idea

I never thought I’d want to do comics.  I did a few issues about 4 or 5 years ago, about these mongooses, but it was boring and my ideas weren’t great.  More recently, I did a few small comic strips, mostly about video games, and at first they were really annoying to make, all those little pictures to draw, but then they started to get easier.

            Then, I went to a couple of comic conventions and saw all the comic artists there showing off their stuff, and I realized, I want to do that.  Most jobs are just private things.  You do your work in the office or store or whatever, and no one sees what you do outside of that, or cares to.  But, it seems comic artists can show off their work.  It’s not meant to stay confined to where they work.  And I want my art to be seen and my stories, as well.  I want people to want to meet me, to see who it was that made a certain thing.  So I started trying to think of an idea for a comic.

            At first, I was at a loss.  Maybe something silly, about…I don’t know…an evil breakfast item?  No.  And then one day I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would want to read about my dreams.  I know, it sounds a little arrogant, but I’ve been writing them down for the last several years.  They are actually quite fun to read, some downright hilarious.  And then it came to me, I’ll use my dreams to build a comic book story!

            So I got to thinking of what I could do, reading through and organizing my dreams into categories for later use.  Character ideas, storylines, locations, creatures, random.  But, one night, I dreamt of a blue city and a man stalking two people that, when I woke up, somehow started twisting itself into my current idea.

            Yes, it draws its inspiration from my dreams and also original characters from the past, but it’s no longer just a silly series of ridiculous adventures.  I’ve added more seriousness to it, but the humor isn’t gone.  There’s also some philosophical stuff, but not in a boring way.  I hope there will be surprises and that people will want to keep reading so they can follow the mysteries as they unravel.

            What still remains of my dreams are many of the locations, some scenarios, and also one character and one character’s name.  The rest consists of original ideas from me, either completely new or from things I’ve done before.

            So far, I’ve designed several characters, but many need work.  The settings are in my head, but most aren’t on paper yet.  I’ve also written the first two issues and started the third so far.  I hope people will be interested in it.  Genre-wise, it’s more sci-fi, I suppose, but not with aliens and space travel or any of that, so it has a bit of fantasy, too, but more high-tech than my novel.

 The Ducky of Indeed


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