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Around the night of 11/11, and some other nights that I lost track of, I’ve been getting a lot of weird dreams. I remember one where one of my cats was back, and it looked like Alex, my chubby kitty, but acted like Arwen, my friendly Manx. I have a lot of dreams, in fact, where my pets return to me, including a rat I lost about a decade ago (I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t find him…), and I either realize we had the pet all along and forgot, or the pet just appeared back in our house one day. In this particular dream, I woke up early in the morning in my current house to find this cat, and I went to put out food and water for it (even though I no longer own any cat food; it really doesn’t taste that good), but my mom had already done so. She actually put out two bowls of water and two of food even though it was just one cat, in the very same manner as the days when we used to have two. View full article »

Merry Halloween

Good day, everyone, and I hope you had a holly jolly Halloween, even if this post is rather late for it. I don’t typically do a lot for this spookiest of holidays (plus, the costumes I have double as masquerade costumes and are handmade and take a good hour or two to put on, which isn’t really worth it, plus I might get stains, and then I might have to buy more body makeup, and…), but this year, I was really feeling in a Halloweeny mood. With the intention of having a scrumptious goose for Christmas, all Charles Dickens-like, and a delicious bass (or some other kind of large fish) for Thanksgiving (A fish for Thanksgiving? Blasphemy!), I thought I’d go all out with this trio of holidays and do something special for Halloween, as well. View full article »

Diamonds Are Not a Duck’s Best Friend

I just realized that I haven’t written about my costume progress lately, and oh, boy, the progress I have made. Which is…not that much. My first task of all was buying various supplies off of Amazon, which I may or may not have written about (I’m too lazy to check). Well, in case I did, I’ll summarize my experience with that for you.

Most wigs suck. View full article »

Top Songs from Chrono Trigger

Hello again, you blog-readers, you. Time to list my favorite songs from “Chrono Trigger”.  I’m not even going to bother with much of an intro because I’m bad at them anyway.  Just enjoy the musical joy. View full article »

As I’ve been saying, I have been busy catching up on a bunch of old games I was told were the duck’s quack, and one game I beat rather recently was “Chrono Trigger”, a game made by the same developers as “Final Fantasy”. The story involves our heroes traveling through time in their efforts to prevent the monster Lavos from bursting forth from the surface of the planet and causing the apocalypse.  While I would have liked to have had a better main villain than a monster, I definitely see why people have so many good things to say about it.

What I think I loved most about this game, aside from the absence of random battles, was the fact that your actions had an impact on what happened.  That’s what I always thought RPG’s were supposed to do, but more often than not, you really get no more say in the direction of the plot than what your character’s name is and what sword they tote around.  But, this game actually gives you many optional sidequests you can complete that will change the future and the game’s ending, as well. View full article »

I had this really weird dream the night of 10/12/14 (I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately, come to think of it). I remember there was something to do with this woman in this bedroom, and there was this weird light up by the ceiling, near the corner of the room.  She was previously bedridden, but then, she could never be in that light, so she had to live under the bed.  It was a small and depressing space, but she couldn’t leave it, though one person did go in and visit her under the bed, so it wasn’t as dull.  The weird light was bad, but I think other people could go in the room as long as they didn’t stay in the light for too long and tried to not look at it.  She was just the only person that could never go into the light. View full article »

A Farewell to a Fabulous Fish

It seems I have been writing a lot of these lately. Well, you know my popeyed goldfish Peepers? You know what, let me start from the beginning. Though, there’s not much to tell. Basically, I got home from work the afternoon of 10/7/14. I didn’t bother opening the blinds in the morning, so I thought I’d open them now to give Peepers more light, and I’d run over and give her a great big “how do?” before doing some hardcore gaming. It was at that moment that I found her.

Well, she’s buried in the backyard now, but I’ll get to that. View full article »

Top Songs from FFIX

I’m really losing inspiration for how to begin posts on top songs. Not that I’ve ever been good at it, really. Ahem, well, anyway, today’s post is on the top 10 songs from “Final Fantasy IX”, a game I judged before I even got to know it. But, once I got into it, I realized it was quite a good game indeed, and I found that it had a good number of beautiful and emotional songs, as well. And so, without subjecting you to anymore rambling than necessary, my list, from the least best to the most best… View full article »

Why I Shouldn’t Have Judged FFIX

As I work my way through the old Squaresoft games, the next one I tried was “Final Fantasy IX”. When I first started this game, my initial impressions were not great, and I think a lot of it had to do with the game straying from what I expected it to be. You see, most “Final Fantasy” games tend to be more on the serious side, while this one was rather goofy. Plus, many of the games kind of have a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, while this one was more strictly fantasy, another thing that rather disappointed me. And I was unsure about the style of graphics. So I was being pretty judgmental about this game, I think.

Because there really is nothing wrong with this game. It was a lot of fun. I really liked some of the characters. (Freya was awesome. Vivi was awesome. And Eiko was just plain adorable.) I also liked that the characters had unique abilities, so there was some actual strategy in who you chose for your party, when in most games, the characters really aren’t distinguishable from each other in anything more than appearance. It had a good story, as well, even if I never understand the plots in these games. And Kuja was a pretty interesting villain, even if I really wish he didn’t wear what appears to be a thong. I really don’t understand that decision. Not by him. Not by the company. Not by anything in existence in the universe. View full article »

I had a really bizarre dream the night of 8/4/14. I was at a comicon, but I remember the building was kind of dark and creepy.  I was dressed as Kefka, and I was having more success with the wig than I am in real life.  (The stupid thing just won’t stay on!)  I remember a short part of the dream where I was with a friend I used to know, and she was looking for a bakery in the area, and I told her that the closest things to bakeries in a relatively simple drive were Starbucks and Barnes and Noble.  Which is true.  And then I was with my mom, and I wanted to get a soda, but we had to get to the prejudging.

The prejudging was really strange.  I remember walking into this crowded room (I don’t know why there was an audience for this), and they were all seated facing this aisle we were walking down.  All the people who wanted to enter the masquerade then lined up in a row, and there was this roulette type thing on this long screen in front of us, and it would pick someone who would be eliminated, and we were upset and hoping this was at least based on the quality of our costumes and not random, and I worried I wouldn’t make it to the masquerade.  After the first guy was picked to leave, this cartoon played that involved him on this island, and he was really strong and could lift heavy stuff, and I wondered how in the world they created an entire cartoon on such short notice. View full article »


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